Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gifted Shouldn't all be pampered...

Yes,I was proud..
But the pride was dismissed,just like the wind flew the fallen leaves out...

For years,sometimes i always see myself somehow is a gifted one.and people always complemented about this too..

Gifted in my context,and they too:
"Could get good grades in examination,while busy pampering themselves with shopping,movie,karaoke,and just reviewing the whole semester syllabuss in a day before the test,but couldn't hold the tired eyes from sleep and only realized that it is already Suboh????"

My pride for years...since kindergarten.primary,secondary,matriculation  and university.I was never among the fail or disqualified one.Happily laugh when others struggling,busy reading Remaja while others memorizing the thick Genetics book,but still in the dean's list...And people keep asking,"Bila masa wana belajar?Tak nampak pun??"

excessive compliments and success somehow leads to Riya'..

Now,I just realized that for years,this is not we call genius or gifted,but the correct term is:
"The fast memorizer and learner,eventhough didn't have all the skill or understand the whole topics"

From now on,i have to learn from zero,stop being boast about the 'gifted' things,and start the things all over...
being a researcher is not easy unless you won't hesitate to learn,investigate,and accept all the things with patient and act proactively in any subjects that you are interested about.
Let's start.....

(Hahaha..English terabur....Takpe blaja sikit-sikit.start from zero katanya...)


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