Monday, June 15, 2009

teacher,what is intercourse in malay??antara kursus-kursus kah??

Pass in english is compulsory to obtain full spm certificate

New dimension to our education system that is already so 'rojak' now.I don't know how on the earth those people could suggest this 'brilliant' idea in the 'right' time:we are still doubt whether to continue the program "learning math and science in english"

naaa..don't get always,Malaysia's education system is very flexible where you can mix this and that,keep experimenting students as they are chemical reagents,mix this,try order to produce good esters..but you wouldn't know if "kabooooom" explosion occurs..

"flexibility is our policy"

Thanks god i'm very lucky as I could get rid of those headaches.remember the time we still use "pembezaan dan pengameran" instead of "differentiation and intergration".Teacher,"is the iron in mineral is the same with our mum use?"What is periodic table??"we only learn jadual berkala"

But,as the time goes...I still NEED to study all those scientific terms in english,and now,while looking for materials to be plagiat studied as literature review..I find that it is more easier to understand the scientific terms in english than in bahasa(Emm..melayu mudah lupa you see...)Fortunately,most of the references are in english so i didn't need to crack my brain-translate mangkin to catalyst-or Haccp to titik kawalan kritikal dan bahaya-

And the next morning USIM will hit newspapers again,not for markah kesian,but

"kesian student mati di library"

There are pros and cons to the system,whether to continue PPSMI or not,to pass 1119 as compulsory or not,and we need to discuss the matters again to avoid any negative consequences in the future.Education system is to produce intellectual citizen,NOT to train stupid parrots which are only repeat repeat and repeat the words without knowing what they means.As future scientist(ameen),i could see that english is very important in scientific and research field as most of references are in english,scientist should travel around the world to join the seminar,attend the conference and promote their new inventions,but,to deny the importance of Bahasa is not the thinking of mine.The main priorities is to understand the things first,before memorize it(like mine while sitting for SMA exam,managed to obtain good result,but why still "jahil" until now??"

owh,out of topic(more to mengutuk things)

I remember my school days where a group of students parading here and there singing english song-knows britney,madonna,undertaker(eh singer ke ni??)..Only watching english movie and try to use as much of english words as they were born in UK

but,their 1119 result are as same or even worser than siti nurhaliza and sembilu kasih fans..

hohoho..just kidding


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yegv f = dw 98

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