Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog Rebranding

Dear my precious reader,

As human being grow older and older,become more mature and mature,they'll undergo some changes in term of interests,preference,achievement etc.

So does my blog.She need some changes in order to avoid her from being so dull and boring..

I do some modification to my dearest diary a.k.a my best friend in term of:

-Theme and layout

The previous theme is beautiful also,but not fit in my standard..eheh..This layout is so me.You could see who sayerbest is.

Pink lover-cup cake addict-childish-and cute..hohoho

I love pink,but not all the pink could impress me,like pink menyala seribu batu dah nampak.I love baby pink that is very light and soft,resembling my soul..(waa..feeling feeling gadis ayu lemah lembut gitu)

This theme's pink is wow!!
Find me any words in dictionary please???I hve nothing to say except cute!impress! and Marvellous!!


Just to make this blog to become reader's friendly.I give some labels such as:

Oh So Random!

Hey!!its my fav of all time.this is where I am to mummbling and rambling about
anything.Yes anything under the sky!!


Eheh..Not to become love problem solver.just my feels about love.tak kisah la putus cinta ke
Jatuh hati ke.

Throw The Emo

Hahaha..Malas Nak cakap Banyak


Entries about books that i read and the review

I-pod NAno

All about entertainment:music,movie,gossips,etc.

Life's a long journey

My daily life

Health is wealth

All about health.Including Herbalife!!!

Kanak-kanak ribena

About my friend.we are not growing up yet!!An adult that
trapped in a child's body..eheh

Food Stuff

Don't forget that i 'll be graduate with
B.Sc (Hons) in Food biotechnology.

Grammy;s Trophies and Awards

All tags and Awards

Shakespeare's site

Puisi-puisi dan kata-kata indah..jangan terjatuh hati lak

School stuff

About my school and university.or may be some assignment

Throw your comments please!!

1 comment:

mongue said...

wah. rasa macam baca blog baru pula. haha =)

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